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Jordan battles to save rare tiny Dead Sea carp

A specimen of the endangered Dead Sea toothcarp (Aphanius dispar richardsoni) swims at Jordan's Fifa Nature Reserve, some 140 kilometres (85 miles) southwest of the capital in the Jordan Rift…

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Hemp: The Single Best Solution for Worldwide Carbon Sequestration

Race Against Time Our planet is in a race to sequester carbon as fast as possible. Many options are being discussed in the mainstream space but there is one very…

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If we sacrifice for COVID, we should sacrifice for climate, say environmental scientists

While individuals don’t bear all the blame, experts are adamant that people must be willing to make large changes if Nova Scotia is to achieve its climate targets. Reduce motor…

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Costa Rica’s pristine ‘Shark Island’ now a massive marine reserve

      The announcement means that Costa Rica, famously ambitious in its environmental goals, is now protecting 30 percent of its oceans, compared to just 3 percent before today's…

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Climate Change reshaped earth with extreme weather this year

Heat waves proved deadly and unprecedented, pushing temperatures in the Northwest and even reaching 116 degrees Fahrenheit (47 degrees Celsius) in Portland, Oregon, a city known for its mild climate.…

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