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CARE ESTERILLOS: Advocating for Our Community’s Well-being

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**Care Esterillos: Advocating for Our Community’s Well-being**

The aim of the Care Esterillos campaign is to unite our community and create lasting change. Through this initiative, we seek to raise funds for local community projects in and around Esterillos, Central Pacific Costa Rica. These projects may include repairing the iconic La Sirena mermaid statue, supporting the Turtle Sanctuary, providing resources for our dedicated lifeguards, and addressing the unique needs of our community as they arise. Care Esterillos is the heartbeat of our home, and it’s where your support can make a tangible difference.


1. **Project Identification:** We will identify community projects and areas that require financial support and resources. These could be cultural, environmental, safety, or welfare-related endeavors. Our goal is to keep Esterillos thriving.

2. **Fundraising:** We will raise the necessary funds to support these projects, ensuring they move forward smoothly and efficiently. Your contributions directly impact the betterment of our community.

3. **Community Engagement:** Engage our residents, local businesses, and passionate individuals to participate actively in these projects, fostering a sense of community unity and shared responsibility.

4. **Accountability:** Implement a transparent financial management system to ensure that every dollar donated is utilized for the betterment of Esterillos. Our goal is to keep our community flourishing for generations to come.

**Target Outcomes:**

1. **Enhanced Community Well-being:** Through Care Esterillos, we aim to significantly contribute to the improvement of our community’s well-being. This campaign ensures that our home remains a safe, culturally rich, and beautiful place for all.

2. **Increased Engagement:** We envision an active, engaged community where residents, businesses, and friends come together to support our common goals.

3. **Transparency:** By being transparent with our financial management, we maintain the trust of our donors. Every cent donated to Care Esterillos goes directly toward community projects.

4. **A Thriving Esterillos:** Our ultimate goal is to keep Esterillos thriving in all aspects, from its environmental beauty to its cultural richness.

We believe in the power of community, and together, we can transform Care Esterillos into a shining example of what a united community can achieve. With your support, we’ll create a better future for all who call Esterillos home. Thank you for being part of this endeavor.

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