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Goal: The goal of this campaign is to produce a compelling docuseries that raises awareness about environmental conservation, showcases House On Fire’s projects, and inspires viewers to take action.



  1. Education and awareness: Provide an informative and engaging platform to educate viewers about the importance of environmental conservation, sustainable practices, and the need to protect our planet.
  2. Project showcase: Highlight House On Fire’s initiatives, including reforestation projects, nature reserves, and community engagement, to demonstrate the organization’s impact and inspire support.
  3. Collaborations with artists and filmmakers: Collaborate with renowned artists, musicians, and filmmakers to create captivating content that resonates with a wide audience and amplifies the message of environmental conservation.
  4. Call to action: Encourage viewers to actively participate in conservation efforts, donate to House On Fire, and support sustainable practices in their own lives.


Target Outcomes:

  1. Increased public awareness about environmental conservation and the urgent need to protect our planet.
  2. Inspiration for viewers to engage in conservation activities, support House On Fire’s initiatives, and make sustainable choices.
  3. Collaborative partnerships with artists and filmmakers to create compelling content that raises awareness and fosters positive change.
  4. Increased donations and support for House On Fire’s projects and campaigns.
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