Get Involved With House On Fire by Becoming a Volunteer!

Interested in joining an active volunteer forest conservation organization? Whether its planting trees, beach clean ups, turtle releases or film production documenting it all- House On Fire has a place for you to Defend, Conserve, and Protect, this great planet that we all share!


Reforestation Earth Defender (RED)

Become an Earth Defender!
Volunteer to be a crew member on one of House On Fire’s reforestation projects

Our obstacles are immense. The motivation to destroy life in our forests is fueled by material greed. It is easy to recruit crew for money, however, we need to recruit a crew motivated by passion. We need people who are compelled to fight the injustices perpetrated upon jaguars, crocodiles, monkeys, turtles, birds, fish, and every living thing in the world’s forests. We need such people on our team and in the ranks of our supporters.
All forest wildlife and the ecosystems in which they live are worth fighting for. We need your help in this endeavor.
Read our Frequently Asked Questions about crewing in the forest.

Join RED

Help Wanted: Volunteers Needed!

Help Wanted: Volunteers Needed!

Job Description: No pay, long hours, hard work, dangerous conditions, extreme weather.
Guaranteed: Adventure fulfillment and the hardest work you will ever love. The experience of a lifetime.
Benefits: Reforestation projects, beach cleanups, save wildlife, educate future generations & make good friends.
Positions Available: We are looking for engineers, electricians, carpenters, welders, cooks, medics or nurses, small boat operators, photographers, videographers, electronics technicians, radio and antenna technicians and even a few unskilled but dedicated Earth Defenders.
Time Frame: House On Fire campaigns rarely last less than a month. Preference is given to crew who can give the most time.
Room and Board: House On Fire provides bunk bedding, food and water.
Warning: No whiners, malcontents, mattress lovers or wimps need apply.
Goals: Our objective is to protect and save forest wildlife and to uphold International Conservation Law.